Who can apply for Wonga Loans?

If you haven’t seen or heard of Wonga loans in South Africa, then you really haven’t been paying attention. Wonga is a short-term payday loan service provider that has gained much attention with their proliferation of advertising in the Market place. They have taken South Africa by storm and are currently one of the foremost payday loan providers in South Africa.


This loan company utilizes an  internet slider where clients can pick the amount of cash that is needed and for how long. The charges and rate of interest are plainly displayedt, so there are no hidden surprises. The application procedure is quick and can be performed via internet or by means of the phone.

 Interest Rates and Service charge for Wonga Loans

With this lending institution, clients can anticipate a one-time established cost, a monthly upkeep charge, and everyday interest. This is basic practice for a cash advance. If the financing amount is R1000 then you can be looking at paying back a total of R1250.

Financing Amount

Wonga broke ground in South Africa by being the very first area short-term loan providers to supply Wonga Loans of approximately R2500 for brand-new clients, and now offers as much as R2000 for first time credit history candidates. This quantity of money may increase to R8000 ultimately, if the client’s trust ranking improves. This is established via a collection of borrowing and prompt repayment.

 Wonga Application Process


The online application process takes around 7 minutes approximately to complete. Customers need their identification numbers, banking information, cell phone number, and email address. After providing your details, you will only have to wait a short period of time to see if your loan has been approved. Customers that establish a  good relationship with Wonga will see their future loan approval times decrease. Whether a financing application is authorized depends partly upon the credit rating rating of the candidate.

 Getting Funds and Repayment Procedure

Customers that are approved by Wonga will have the money directly deposited into their bank account. When it is time to pay back the payday loan, a one time repayment is taken from the debit card number presented by the client. It is, nevertheless, plainly explained on the site what could come up if the financing is not paid back. Non-payment is bad for the customers credit history and could affect future borrowing.


When evaluating the Wonga business website, it was easy to see the positive reviews from their customers. Not everybody will be approved for a Wonga Loan. Those that are might end up in fact being assisted out of a bad patch. Wonga is a reputable payday loan lender. They are on the level and are here to stay. So don’t waste your time with some other back room dodgy dealer.


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